We offer a counselling service for those affected by a terminal illness, either as a patient, a family member, or a carer. Talking through the changes you are experiencing can help you to recognise your problems, assist you in making positive changes and enhance your wellbeing. A terminal illness can have an impact on you alone, your relationship, or it may affect the whole family. Because of this, Counselling can be given individually, as a couple or as family counselling. How you want to work will be discussed in your first meeting with your counsellor.

Practical and emotional support

Our social workers have a wide range of knowledge about the practical, financial, social and emotional impact of terminal illness on yourself and the people close to you. We can also offer support to family and friends following bereavement. We can provide both emotional support and practical advice, and can see you at the Hospice or in the community. We can also liaise and advocate on your behalf with other agencies and professionals.

Children, young people and their families
We recognise children and young people grieve as deeply as adults and we are committed to helping families support them with their loss and grief. We provide group and individual support for children and young people from 2 – 25 years old, and also support for their parents, grandparents and close relatives to help them work out how best to support their children before and after bereavement.


Listening Support Volunteers are trained in active listening skills and can offer you the space to think, express emotions and to process what is going on for you. Many people find it helpful to talk in confidence to someone outside their family and friendship group. Some people find one session is enough; others are helped by on-going support. Listening Support Volunteers do not offer assistance with practical tasks but they are knowledgeable about local services and can share information about them.

Spiritual Care

Chaplains and spiritual care volunteers are available to offer bereavement support and can make home visits. Our aim is to provide the highest quality spiritual care for you. We will always do our best to listen carefully and to provide a safe, secure and confidential environment. Our starting point is your starting point, whatever your faith or philosophy. If you wish, we are happy to work with your local faith leader.