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Expert hospice care within your home

At Hospice at Home, our focus is entirely on you and your loved ones. We understand that facing advanced illness is a challenging journey, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing care where you feel most at ease – in the comfort of your own home.
St Michael’s Hospice and Marie Curie partner with the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care Board to provide the Herefordshire Hospice at Home service.

Hospice at Home is here to support you in making your home the centre of your care journey, surrounded by the warmth and familiarity of your own space.

Empowering our patients with choice is at the heart of what we do.

Our Hospice at Home service ensures you receive the same exceptional palliative care you’d find in our in-patient facility, right in the warmth of your own home. Our caring team, available round the clock, offer planned and responsive visits, providing not just nursing care, but genuine companionship and support. From personal care to medication management, we’ve got it covered, ensuring your medical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met.

We understand the importance of spending your last days in the embrace of your own home, and we’re here to make that possible. Fulfilling your wishes and providing the care you need while you’re surrounded by the people and things you love – that’s what defines our service. Your comfort, your choice, our commitment.

How do I, or my loved one, get referred to the Hospice at Home service?

If you or a loved one would like to be referred to the Hospice at Home service, speak to your health/social care professional. This could be your GP, hospital professional or community nurse. They can then refer you to our service.

If you would like to speak to us before you request a referral, please call us on 01432 852080, or email We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our Hospice at Home service and to provide guidance if you require it on how to obtain a referral from your healthcare professional.

We can support you

We understand that it’s a difficult time. We are always willing to talk to you to help provide the support and care you may need.

What does Hospice at Home entail?

End-of-Life Care at Home: We bring comfort and support directly to you or your loved one’s home during this sensitive time.

Comprehensive Support: Our team offers assistance with symptom management, distress relief, spiritual and psychological care, ensuring a peaceful environment and minimizing the need for hospital admissions.

Collaborative Care: Working closely with community services and healthcare professionals, we provide top-notch care that mirrors the quality you find in our hospice facility.

Flexible Visits: Our skilled nurses and healthcare assistants conduct both planned and responsive visits, available 24/7. A simple call from you or your loved one triggers a responsive visit, day or night, ensuring timely symptom control.

Specialised Nursing Care: We provide expert nursing care when needed, aiding in discharge from in-patient care, assisting during rapid changes, and offering night sitting services, allowing caregivers to rest.

Emotional Support: We understand the emotional challenges you face, offering compassionate support not only to patients but also to their families.

Informed Guidance: Our team provides valuable advice to patients, families, and caregivers, ensuring everyone is well-informed and empowered.

Advance Care Planning: We assist in documenting the patient’s future care preferences, ensuring their wishes are respected and followed.

Promoting Well-being: We offer guidance on optimising the patient’s health and well-being, promoting a holistic approach to care.

Make a referral

Patients can be referred to the Hospice either by their GP, community nurse specialist, district nurse, hospital doctor or consultant.

The care provided by the Hospice at Home nurses is nothing short of extraordinary. Their compassionate support brought comfort and warmth into my home, making a challenging time a little easier to bear.


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