At St Michael’s we love to celebrate!

We celebrate those who support us and most of all we celebrate life as much as possible because we know all too well how precious it is. That’s why we love our Celebration Tree and want you to be a part of it. You can dedicate a leaf to celebrate anything or anyone on our tree.

We hear many times from families that supporting the Hospice is a way of thanking us for the care that we gave to their loved one, and a desire to know that other families can benefit in the ways that they have. Perhaps a leaf on our tree to remember someone special would be a good way to remember a loved one who has died, or perhaps you want to recognise a celebration like a birthday or wedding by adding a leaf to our tree. Local business can also choose to be celebrated with a leaf on the tree too.

Dedicate a leaf on our Celebration Tree today

Whoever you are celebrating or remembering, a leaf on our celebration tree is a great way to do this and, in turn, make a real difference to those living with a life-limiting illness.

There are three types of leaf that
you can choose from:

inscribed BRONZE LEAF



By purchasing a Bronze leaf, you could make it possible for our medical team to have outpatient appointments so that patients can talk through their symptoms and concerns

inscribed GOLD LEAF

Most popular!

When you purchase a Gold leaf, you could make pain medication available for all our patients on the IPU for three days

inscribed SILVER LEAF



By purchasing this leaf, you could make it possible for 20 people to have a bereavement lunch and remembrance afternoon

In return for your dedication and donation you’ll have a special place to visit any day of the year to celebrate or remember. As a permanent feature in the hospice you will be able to visit the tree, come rain or shine for quiet reflection, remembrance and celebration. You will also be invited to attend and join in with others that have chosen to commit to the hospice in this way through a celebratory event where you’ll be able to see you leaf when it is added, and of course we’ll put the kettle on and have some of our delicious cakes for you too. 

Our tree represents the cycle of life, trees are known to last many generations so that’s why we wanted to create a tree for people to be celebrated.

Our celebration tree has been designed by Perspex artist Claudia Ashley-Brown. She produces unique, bespoke trees for Hospices, hospitals, community projects across the UK. Reflecting on Herefordshire’s relationship with trees, and specifically apple trees, the trunk has been crafted from a piece of apple wood from a tree in the orchard right next to St Michael’s by local wood and resin artist Andy Gray-Ling from Manor Wood Designs near Leominster. This collaboration between Claudia & Andy has created a tree that is completely unique to us and celebrates the county and its people in all it’s different facets.

We are thankful to ‘Beth’s Wish’ for supporting us to create this Celebration Tree. Beth Davies was cared for by St Michael’s Hospice before she died ten years ago, her family have been dedicated to supporting our work ever since. Beth’s Mum, Helen and sister, Gemma, invite you to create a meaningful celebration of your loved one on the Celebration Tree.

Celebration Tree low res

Each leaf will be inscribed with your personal dedication of up to 28 characters and will go into production as soon as you have placed your order.

You’ll then be invited along with others to come to a leaf ceremony where your leaf will be dedicated on the tree. The Celebration Tree is located outside our Inpatient Unit and you will be able to visit it at any time.

At the end of the one year dedication period, you can choose to renew your leaf and have it remain on the tree, or we’ll send it to you to put somewhere special.  

Celebration Tree low res

Dedications can be up to 28 characters (+ spaces).
We won’t accept dedications with dates on, just names and short messages.
Dedications will be added to the tree every quarter, your leaf will remain on the tree for one year from this date.
Please check your spelling before submitting your dedication to us.

  • Standard leaf dedications are in place for one year from the date of placement.
  • Dedications will be engraved as entered, please check the spelling of names and other wording. St Michael’s is not responsible for errors on dedications received. Mistakes made requiring replacement leaves, where mistakes have occurred not of St Michael’s error, will be charged at £35 per leaf.
  • Think carefully about your leaf, dedications can be a maximum of 28 characters, including spaces, this will be engraved over one or two lines as necessary. St Michael’s Hospice reserves the right to approve all wording before it is added to the tree. If there are any concerns or queries you will be contacted.
  • We respectfully assert that dedications must not contain birth/death dates e.g.

‘John Smith 1947-2023’ or ‘John Smith died 14/10/2022’

  • Leaves will be added four times a year. Dedication will close 28 days prior to the service of celebration, any dedications made after the closing date will be added at the following service, you will receive an invitation to the service to see your leaf placed, rededicated or removed if you would like to attend.
  • St Michael’s reserves the right to place leaves as fitting with the overall design of the tree, requests for particular placement will be considered but no guarantees of placement will be given. We also retain complete control over the date and time of placement.
  • When the period of your dedication is coming to a close we’ll let you know. You’ll have the option to renew your leaf or if you choose not to, your leaf will be given to you in a presentation box.
  • If you would like your leaf to be removed before the end of the term please contact St Michael’s Hospice with the details, we will remove the leaf in 28 days of receipt of your notification, please note no refunds will be issued.
  • St Michael’s reserves the right to temporarily remove and/or relocate the tree due to any maintenance and building work required. We also retain the right to permanently relocate the tree to another area of the hospice should it become necessary to do so.
  • Donations made to dedicate a leaf must be new donations to St Michael’s, we cannot backdate donations to dedicate a leaf.
  • Leaves are dedicated in exchange for direct donations, we cannot accept donations through Funeral Directors for leaf dedications. If you would like to support St Michael’s through funeral collections please get in touch and we’ll support you to do this.
  • St Michael’s reserves the right to offer a small number of leaves in recognition of support outside of that received by leaf dedication.

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