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Play to win a weekly prize of £1,000

Plus 23 other cash prizes totalling £1,500 every week.

Your ticket will help to provide care and support to families living with a terminal illness.

How it works

Every Friday a total of £1,500 is won by 24 lucky St Michael’s Hospice Lottery players, including our top prize of £1,000.

The first number drawn each week wins £1,000, the second wins £200, the third wins £75, fourth wins £25 and there are 20 prizes of £10 to be won.

Each entry costs just £1 per week and 59p goes directly to patient care.

If you pay by direct debit we can even keep the change or double your numbers.

Lynette won £1,000

“I really enjoy playing the St Michael’s Hospice Lottery. It’s important to support a charity like St Michael’s as you never know when you might need it.

Plus, to have won was just incredible!”

How to play

Be part of something special and join us today, it’s easy to do:

Become a player

The St Michael’s Hospice Lottery is an essential source of income for the Hospice, so your £1 really makes a huge difference to our care.

Direct debit is the easiest and most cost-effective way to play, but we also accept payments by debit card.

Give as a gift

You can gift a Lottery membership to someone special by debit card

What our winners say

Winning that money means I can pay for a headstone for my husband, Richard.


It’s something I’ve needed to do but I didn’t have the money.


It was wonderful, and very emotional, to receive that phonecall. The fact the money has come from St Michael’s, who cared so brilliantly for Richard, just feels so right.

Sarah Legge
"Lottery win means I can buy my husband’s headstone"

I began playing the Lottery about the time by brother-in-law was cared for by St Michael’s.


They do great work there and I’m happy to return some of the money.

David Robins
"I’ll donate some of it back to you"

Give us some extra help

If you play via direct debit, you can chose to be extra helpful. It’s really easy to do!

Keep the Change

Keep the Change empowers you to round up your monthly Lottery Direct Debit payment from £4.34 per number to just £5.

The additional 66p is treated as a direct donation to St Michael’s Hospice, and if you’re eligible, we can also apply Gift Aid to further maximise the impact of your generosity.

Double your numbers

By doubling your plays in the St Michael’s Hospice Lottery, you’re not just increasing your chances of winning, but also enhancing your role in sustaining our vital mission of providing exceptional care and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more

Be Gamble Aware

For more information or to discuss self-exclusion please contact the Lottery Manager on 01432 851000.

Call the Lottery Team

To discuss joining the Lottery, contact the Lottery Team on 01432 851000.

You will be helping to provide care to families living with a terminal illness

The St Michael’s Hospice Lottery is an essential source of income for the Hospice, so your £1 really makes a huge difference to our care.

Staff and patient holding hands