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Here to help with life’s practicalities

Our social workers specialising in palliative care are here to offer practical advice and emotional support. They assist with immediate concerns and are dedicated to helping you navigate your hopes and aspirations for the future.

What we do:

Our experienced team operates within the realms of health and social care, forming partnerships with the individuals we assist. We collaborate closely with various professionals, organisations, and services to provide comprehensive support. We recognise the diverse needs of people, considering factors such as age, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

How we can help:

We can assist you with various aspects, including housing, benefits and charity applications, transitions, putting your affairs in order and accessing statutory services.
Additionally, our support extends to helping you with considering options, making decisions and providing a listening ear to any questions, worries or concerns you may have.

Our support encompasses:

  1. Offering emotional and social support: We aid both patients and their families, including children, in adapting to their circumstances. This involves assisting them in discussing the illness and making future plans, especially concerning children.
  2. Providing practical assistance: We offer valuable information, advice, and referrals to services, both within and beyond the hospice. This support extends to accessing appropriate care, whether self-funded, social care-based, or through continuing healthcare funding, either at home or elsewhere.
  3. Advocacy services: We advocate for individuals, ensuring they make decisions aligned with their desires and receive the necessary support. We also assist patients and families in navigating challenging situations, plan for times when decision-making may become difficult, and ensure the patient’s safety within their home or care environment.
  4. Legal protection: We utilise relevant legislation to safeguard the rights and dignity of patients and their families, ensuring they are treated with respect and fairness.
  5. Bereavement support: We work alongside our colleagues in providing individual and group support. Additionally we can assist in accessing support out of county when needed.