Published Wednesday 22nd July 2020

St Michael’s Hospice Lottery | Will you get the call?

David Robins has been playing the St Michael’s Hospice Lottery for around 20 years.

Last week he was called by our Lottery Manager, Michelle, to say he’d won the £1,000 jackpot. 

We were delighted for him – and touched when he said he planned to donate some of his winnings back to us.

‘I began playing the Lottery about the time by brother-in-law was cared for by St Michael’s,’ he said. ‘They do great work there and I’m happy to return some of the money.’

David also has a connection to the Hospice through his former GP, Dr Richard Miller, who helped set-up St Michael’s with Dr Jeff Kramer and Freda Pearce back in 1984.

Join him and be in the hat to win £1,000, plus 23 other cash prizes, each Friday by clicking here.