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Solo Tandem Skydive

When it comes to raising money for St Michael’s Hospice, the sky really is the limit.

Whether a tandem skydive is on your Bucket List, or you’re just looking for a different way to collect funds for your Hospice, we can help you plan your memorable day.

You will be completing a 10,000ft tandem skydive (attached to a BPA qualified instructor), 
free-falling from an aircraft for the first 5,000ft, travelling at up to 120mph, before the parachute opens for the rest of the jump.  

You can take part on any date, within any month and at a location suitable to you.

To take part in your own time and at one of the 20 venues around the UK you will need to raise £450 in sponsorship. In return the Hospice will receive an average donation of £150 with everything you raise above this minimum target also coming directly to St Michael’s.

To book your own tandem skydive, you will be booking directly through Skyline Events, so please make sure you check their criteria carefully when signing up.

Not sure you want to do it alone?

Then our team day is the perfect event for you! If jumping solo is a little too scary, then why not sign up for our Team Tandem Skydive Day on 11th August at Swansea Airfield.

Two men taking part in a tandem skydive freefalling with thumbs up

Important information

Event Details
01 April 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
01 May 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
01 June 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
01 July 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
01 August 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
01 September 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
01 October 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
01 November 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
01 December 2024 9:00 am – 17:00
Location Various locations across the UK
Parking Free on-site
Fee FREE! In return for a minimum £450 in sponsorship
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