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In celebration of 40 years of care 

’84 Limited Edition Gin

Infused with the essence of locally sourced strawberries and distilled at Penrhos Spirits.

Crafted with care, infused with memories

In the heart of a journey that spans four decades, St Michael’s Hospice stands as a beacon of compassion and support. As we celebrate our 40th year of unwavering care, we’re thrilled to unveil a truly remarkable creation that captures the essence of our journey, our community, and our commitment to making every moment count. Introducing ’84 – a gin as timeless as the memories it embodies. 

A sip of celebration

Every sip of ‘84 is a sip of history, a journey back to our very beginnings. Named after the year our hospice was founded, this gin is a tribute to the countless moments of care, love, and support that have defined our mission. It’s a celebration of 40 years of unwavering dedication, and a reminder that every glass raised is a toast to our collective journey. 

Collaborating with the renowned Penrhos Distillery, we’ve poured our heart and soul into creating a gin that’s a true embodiment of our values. Just as we approach our mission with the utmost care, the creation of ‘84 has been a labour of love, resulting in a drink that carries the warmth of compassion in every drop. 

Local essence, county-wide impact

Nestled in the heart of our community, ‘84 is a tribute to the vibrant spirit of our region. Infused with strawberries grown and handpicked from our very own local fields, each bottle encapsulates the essence of our surroundings. With every sip, you taste the freshness of the land, the dedication of our community, and the enduring impact of our work. 

Limited edition

‘84 isn’t just a gin; it’s a piece of our story. Crafted in limited numbers, each bottle represents a moment frozen in time – a snapshot of our journey, our achievements, and our aspirations. As we mark our 40th year, this gin becomes a part of your collection, a testament to your support, and a lasting reminder of the positive change we’ve created together. 


Get your limited edition bottle of '84

Produced in limited quantities, it will be available for purchase in our 40th year, 2024. Each bottle becomes a keepsake, a way to hold a piece of our history and contribute to our ongoing mission.

Join in with the 40th year celebrations

We are excited to be celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2024, with activities and celebrations planned throughout the year, as we look back on four decades of St Michael’s Hospice. Click below to find out more.