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31 August 2021

WPD team's zero accident record benefits St Michael's Hospice

WPD team’s zero accident record benefits St Michael’s Hospice

The Western Power Distribution (WPD) team that looks after much of Herefordshire’s underground electricity network has donated £1,000 to St Michael’s Hospice.

The donation was made after the Hereford Underground and Plant team, led by John Goode, successfully completed the 2020 calendar year with zero accidents. As a reward for their achievement, the company gave the team the cash to donate to a charity of their choice.

“The St Michael’s Hospice Team has always been close to all our hearts and minds, having treated, cared for and supported many of our families, friends and colleagues,” said John. “We can’t thank them enough for everything they all do for everyone.

“Electricity can be dangerous and, as a company, we are very safety conscious. In 2020 we not only had to deal with the normal safety issues we face but we also had to adapt our way of working in the face of the pandemic. 

“I’m proud of the team for their safety diligence and delighted that we’ve been able to help St Michael’s into the bargain. I’d also like to remind everyone that if you see something unsafe on our network to please ring 105.”

The Hereford Underground and Plant team was one of 48 teams within WPD who completed 2020 with zero accidents – all of them have been invited to donate to a charity of their choice.

St Michael’s Events and Community Fundraising Officer, Simon Kershaw, praised the generosity of WPD.

‘It’s thanks to donations such as this from Western Power Distribution that St Michael’s is able to continue caring for families across our community who are living with a terminal illness,’ he said. 

‘We were delighted to meet John and we look forward to continuing what is a very fruitful partnership.’ 

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