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9 April 2024

We love shopping sustainably at St Michael's

Folly Lane shop praised by Hereford students

Students praise sustainability at St Michael’s Hospice shop

Our shops attract a wide range of customers, all searching for a bargain and eager to support St Michael’s.

Yet a growing number of young adults are being drawn to our stores for a different reason – to reduce their environmental impact.

As Herefordshire’s largest recycler, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously.

We caught up with four Hereford College of Arts (HCA) students who share the same ethos, and can often be found browsing the rails of our Folly Lane shop.


I really enjoy visiting the Folly Lane shop. I saw a lovely coat in the window the other day, and there was a sweater with a spider on it which I bought. It’s just so handy for us. It stocks great clothes, and by shopping there you’re helping the environment.


We often pop in and have a wander around. It’s very relaxed in the shop; people don’t glare at you whilst you’re browsing. It’s just a shop where you’re made to feel very welcome, and you can be yourself. There’s plenty of good finds in there too.


By shopping there, it feels good to know you’re breathing new life into clothes, instead of buying new. It’s very sustainable, you’re not adding to landfill, and you’re supporting a local charity. It’s the different sections of the shop I enjoy, too. I found a CD I was after not long ago, so it’s also a very nostalgic place.


Anyone can shop there, and it just means you’re being sustainable and reducing your environmental impact. We all enjoy walking over there, and go as often as we can.

The Folly Lane shop can be found at 3 Prospect Place, just at Folly Lane’s junction with Whittern Way in Hereford. It’s open Monday to Friday from 9.30am – 2.30pm.

More information on all our shops can be found here

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