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14 June 2024

We care with Pride

Having a life limiting illness doesn’t discriminate and neither does St Michael's Hospice.

At St Michael’s Hospice, we’re all about creating a place where everyone feels valued, respected, and comfortable. With Pride Month upon us, it’s the perfect time to reaffirm our commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community—within our hospice and beyond. This month is a chance to celebrate the strides made towards equality, recognise the ongoing challenges, and reflect on how we can be a more inclusive and supportive space for all.

What Pride month means

Pride Month is celebrated each June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in New York, a key moment in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. It’s a time for celebration, education, and advocacy, filled with parades, events, and initiatives that promote equality and acceptance. Here at St Michael’s Hospice, we proudly join in these celebrations, standing in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ patients, families, staff, and volunteers.

Our commitment to inclusivity

Inclusivity is at the core of what we do at St Michael’s Hospice. We believe that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves compassionate care and support. Here’s how we strive to make sure everyone feels seen, heard, and valued:

  1. Patient Care: We provide personalised care that respects the diverse identities of our patients. Our team is trained to understand and address the unique needs of LGBTQ+ individuals, ensuring everyone gets the care they deserve in a supportive environment.
  2. Family Support: We know families come in all shapes and sizes. We offer inclusive support services for all family members, making sure they feel comfortable and respected during their time with us. Our goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where families can focus on being with their loved ones.
  3. Staff and Volunteer Training: Our staff and volunteers are the heart of our hospice. We provide ongoing training to ensure they’re equipped to support every individual with sensitivity and respect. This includes education on how to provide inclusive care.
  4. Community Engagement: We actively participate in community events and initiatives that promote LGBTQ+ equality and awareness. By engaging with the broader community, we aim to foster a culture of inclusivity and support beyond the walls of our hospice.
  5. Creating Safe Spaces: We’re committed to creating safe spaces within our hospice where LGBTQ+ individuals can feel comfortable expressing their identities. This includes designated areas for reflection and support, as well as ensuring our policies and practices are inclusive and respectful.

You can find out more about our commitment to making everyone feel welcome and comfortable at St Michael’s by clicking the button below.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate Pride Month, we’re also looking towards the future. Our commitment to inclusivity is ongoing, and we’re always seeking ways to improve our services and support for the LGBTQ+ community. We welcome feedback from our patients, families, staff, and volunteers to help us understand their needs and how we can better support them. If you have suggestions for us, we’d love to hear from you! You can send us your thoughts by click here.

At St Michael’s Hospice, every person is valued. Our mission is to provide compassionate care and support to all, ensuring everyone feels safe, respected, and included. This Pride Month, and every month, we stand with the LGBTQ+ community in the pursuit of equality and acceptance for all.

Join Us in Celebrating Pride Month

We invite you to join us in celebrating Pride Month. Whether through participating in community events, educating yourself and others about LGBTQ+ issues, or simply showing support, there are many ways to make a positive impact. Together, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate world for everyone.

Thank you for being part of the St Michael’s Hospice community. Your support and commitment help us continue our mission of providing exceptional care and fostering a welcoming environment for all. Happy Pride Month!

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