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25 October 2023

Walking the Camino Way in memory of two very special daughters

Walking the Camino Way in memory of two very special daughters

When best friends Celia Hutchings and Viv Lucas attempt to Conquer the Camino Way next year, they’ll do so with two very special people on their minds.

The pair have signed up to the five-day trek taking place across the famed Spanish route next October, which is already on course to raise thousands of pounds for St Michael’s Hospice.

Close to their hearts during the 70-mile hike will be their respective daughters, Caro and Tanya, who have provided a huge amount of inspiration to their mothers, and helped them realise the importance of exceptional palliative care.

“Caro died at St Michael’s in March aged 37,” said Celia.

“She had travelled and worked extensively abroad and was teaching in Spain when she developed a lump on her lung which was later diagnosed as melanoma. Her illness led to three separate stays at St Michael’s.

“Each time Caro came to the Hospice, she was cared for wonderfully,” added Celia. “I remember her spending time with Siobhan, the Lead Physio, who would patiently and gently encourage her.

“And then there’s Dr Cath Blinman. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. She was just like a friend; comforting, but also very practical in getting things done quickly. She got to know everyone in our family, and was so caring and understanding towards us all. If it was up to me, I’d give her a medal.”

For Viv, her daughter, Tanya, was living in Sweden in 2005 when she contracted breast cancer and required palliative care. She died in March 2006.  

“The hospital caring for her was absolutely brilliant,” said Viv.

“She died aged just 27. From this experience it was clear to me just how vital palliative care is. It’s why I’ve always supported St Michael’s and why I’m very happy to be raising money for them by walking the Camino Way. It means a lot to be walking with Celia, and her other daughter, Roz, too. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Conquer The Camino Way is a challenging walk taking place from 19th – 26th October 2024. The trip will take St Michael’s supporters along the famed Camino de Santiago towards the awe-inspiring destination of Santiago de Compostela. This UNESCO World Heritage site is steeped in legend, named after the Apostle Saint James, who found his final resting place here.

The walk isn’t just a historical pilgrimage though. It’s a journey where spiritual, cultural, and adventurous souls converge.      
The Different Travel Company will be accompanying those taking part in Conquer the Camino Way.

To take part, or for more information, just click here

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