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12 February 2024

Walk, BBQ, skydive. All in a weekend for Sue and Bonnie

Sue and Bonnie's weekend fundraising adventure

Sue and Bonnie’s weekend fundraising adventure

It’s always good to be around close friends.

That’s just as well for St Michael’s supporters Sue and Bonnie who will spend Easter weekend in each other’s pockets as they stage three fundraising events in just over 24 hours.

On Easter Saturday, the intrepid duo will walk the 20 miles from Hay-on-Wye to Hereford. Once back at Henffordd Gardens off Edgar Street, where they both work, they will host a BBQ and cake event.

Despite their trek, there will be no Easter Sunday lie-in for the ladies though as they will be travelling to South Wales first thing the following morning for an exhilarating skydive.

All money raised from the weekend will come to St Michael’s – and for a very special reason.

“My dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness last year, and has since received excellent support from St Michael’s, as have my whole family,” said Sue.

“I just want to raise as much as we can for this amazing charity.”

Sue and Bonnie can be sponsored here

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