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18 February 2021

Volunteers transforming Hospice Garden during lockdown

Volunteers transforming Hospice Garden during lockdown

With mentoring and guidance from Monty Don, a lot has been happening in our Hospice garden over Lockdown.

This week our team of volunteers are planting a hedge out of 200 Hornbeams to help make the Hospice Labyrinth a place of peace and tranquillity for all who visit.

Planting has been made a lot easier with help from John Hill & Sons, who provided us with a mini digger and auger drill bit free of charge. Eagle Plant Hire Hereford also helped with preparations by supplying a turf cutter, which saved a considerable amount of time and hard work in preparing the ground ready for planting.

All of this support and hard work help create a very special garden, and we look forward to showing you more photos as things progress through the year.

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