Published Friday 26th March 2021

Pascal’s Raspberry Tart:
Probably one of the most inspiring cookery films you will ever see.
Our Care Team is dedicated to supporting people to make the most of every moment.
Sometimes, this can be hard to explain; other times we meet people like our new favourite YouTube star, Pascal, whose request perfectly illustrates what Hospice care is all about.
Pascal said, ‘I wanted to share one of my most successful recipes with those who enjoy baking as much as I do. I’ve been impressed with everyone at the Hospice, especially the kitchen staff, so I wanted to give them the gift of my Raspberry Tart. Making this film also helped me forget about my cancer and spend time doing what I love.’
Pascal would like to thank all those supporters who participate in fundraising events, play our lottery, shop at our retail outlets, make charitable donations and leave gifts in their wills.

Merci Pascal votre tarte aux framboises est délicieuse

250 unsalted-butter
120g icing sugar
300g flour
Two or three medium eggs

250g unsalted butter
250g caster sugar
250g ground almond
125g plain flour
Three medium eggs