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28 August 2022

Through the seasons: Life with our Therapy team

Through the seasons: Life with our Therapy team

As part of Hospice Care Week 2022, we’re re-visiting some of the wonderful care stories from across the year. Hospice Care week runs from 10-14th October and is a chance to celebrate the value of support, of care and of what matters to us at the end of life when we need it most.

It was a busy time in the St Michael’s Hospice Therapy team in August 2022 with staff organising a range of activities and events. 

Patients celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee by planting red, white and blue flowers. Others collected elderflower from the Hospice grounds to make into cordial. 

Red, white and blue flower planters were put together by some of the patients staying on the ward, whilst others foraged elderflower from the grounds to make into cordial. Those visiting Day Services took part in an art session making royal-themed decorations, and shared memories and stories about the Royal Family.

The weekly gardening group on the Inpatient Unit continues to be a success with sessions such as bug house making, flower arranging – with blooms picked from the garden – and lavender bags being particular hits. 

Additionally, a keepsake project is proving popular. 
Patients are encouraged to press their favourite flowers before setting them in resin to make keyrings, pendants or paperweights. Individuals have either taken these home or given them as presents to loved ones.  

Cooking groups have also received good feedback with savoury scones being baked for Cheese and Wine Week. We also hosted our very own St Michael’s ‘bake off’ between two ladies staying with us. 

Our Physio team has put together all of these sessions to look at the physical, functional and psychological benefits to those taking part.

Each therapy session encourages the use of upper limbs, focusing on fine motor skills, and can help maintain strength, dexterity and co-ordination.

Likewise, the social aspect of these groups is invaluable with activities often prompting reminiscence. Therapeutic groups can also help individuals to rebuild confidence and maintain their identity at a time when things can often be predominately illness focused.

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