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3 May 2024

The three degrees: How Jodie, Jodie and Kiah are edging closer to graduating as Registered Nurses

Nursing degrees await for three of our Healthcare Assistants

Nursing degrees await for three of our Healthcare Assistants

They say life begins at 40.

For St Michael’s Hospice Healthcare Assistant Jodie Paskell, it might also be the time her career dream comes true.

Jodie has spent the last two years on a Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship, and is due to graduate as a Registered Nurse next year, just as she hits the milestone birthday.

“I feel excited although apprehensive about what’s to come in my final year of studies,” she said. “With continued support from St Michael’s, I know I can get there, and it will be a double celebration with my 40th falling in the same year!”

Jodie is one of three St Michael’s Healthcare Assistants on the Apprenticeship, alongside Jodie Johnson and Kiah Morgan.   

They have all spent part of their course on placements in a variety of settings across the county. Jodie Paskell’s most recent has been in familiar surroundings with the Hospice at Team team, based at St Michael’s.

“It’s really made me realise how important palliative care in the community is to me, and that my end goal of returning as a qualified nurse is where I want to be,” she said. “I have had a tremendous amount of support from St Michael’s Hospice during my training, from the Education department helping me with my academic studies, to my fellow colleagues and management staying in contact and sending me messages of encouragement. This has been lovely as it makes me feel part of the team even though I have been away on placements.”

Once they have completed the course, the three HCAs will return to St Michael’s as fully-qualified Registered Nurses.

“At St Michael’s, we love to help our staff achieve their career goals,” said Debbs Smithers, the Hospice’s Lead Teacher/Practitioner.

“All three have gained valuable experience across a number of settings, which will stand them in good stead. We wish them all the best for the final year of their studies.”

The Wye Valley NHS Trust is funding the courses through an apprenticeship levy, and St Michael’s Hospice is very grateful for this.

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