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12 January 2022

St Michael’s proposes a consultation meeting with solar farm planners

St Michael’s proposes a consultation meeting with solar farm planners

St Michael’s has recently learned of a planning application for a photovoltaic solar farm with associated infrastructure to be built 400m from the beautiful Hospice site in Bartestree to the west of Clay Hill Pit, Dormington (Ref P213963/F). 

The planning application has already gone through public consultation but unfortunately, St Michael’s was not invited to partake in this to offer our view on the application whilst the consultation was open. However, we were pleased that the planners made a visit to St Michael’s Hospice retrospectively on 12th January 2022 ahead of our invitation to consult together. 

As an organisation, we support any green initiative that positively impacts the community, county and indeed the planet. Our building has been developed and extended with green credentials such as the installation of 110 solar panels on our roof thanks to funding from the M&S Community Energy Fund, electric vehicle charging points in our car park, and the move to LED lighting throughout the Hospice to name a few. We are also widely regarded as the biggest recycler in Herefordshire thanks to our retail stores.  

St Michael’s believes that initiatives like these are essential to reducing carbon footprints and ensuring a sustainable landscape for future generations and so are welcoming the prospect of consulting with the Council on their proposed initiative. 

We have approached the case officer at Herefordshire County Council to consult with us to ensure that any installation doesn’t negatively impact the tranquil location and has a subsequent effect on vulnerable patients and families who tell us that the unspoilt landscape view from our location has enormous psychological and physical benefits during what can be a distressing time. 

Our letter to the planners can be viewed here  

If you’d like to find out more about the planning application, you can do so by clicking here 

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