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7 June 2024

St Michael's launches new grief support service

Me and My Grief set up by our counselling team

Me and My Grief set up by our counselling team

Sometimes, we all need a bit of support. A gentle bit of encouragement, an arm around the shoulder, or just someone to listen.

Our Counselling team provides help and support to patients and their loved ones.

Helping people in a time of grief is one of the most fundamental parts of the support we offer at St Michael’s.

Grief can present itself in a variety of ways. We are all different after all.

At St Michael’s, we recognise this and have set-up a new way for people to get to know our grief support service.

Me and My Grief gives people a chance to meet others in a similar situation, helping them recognise their thoughts and feelings as a natural response, and giving guidance on how to cope with these emotions. 

“Grief can be a confusing time with mixed thoughts and emotions,” said Karen Evans, our Counselling and Bereavement Lead.

“This is why we thought it would be good to establish these groups so people can receive appropriate support in an environment where they can meet others going through a similar experience.”

Groups will be no larger than 12 and people will remain on the list to receive one-to-one support, regardless of whether or not they attend Me and My Grief.

Those who the sessions are aimed at will be contacted by St Michael’s.

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