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6 May 2021

St Michael's announces Radnor Hills as first 'Official Partner'

St Michael’s announces Radnor Hills as first ‘Official Partner’

St Michael’s Hospice has announced an “Official Partnership” with award winning drinks producer Radnor Hills. 

The Partnership represents a new concept available from the Hospice’s commercial team. The focus of the opportunity is about establishing meaningful relationships that deliver 365 days of the year through a variety of initiatives which are bespoke to the company in question.

‘We are delighted to announce Radnor Hills as our first ever Official Partner and it is fitting that a company so embedded in the community has joined us in this capacity,’ said Simon Kershaw, Events & Community Fundraising Officer at St Michael’s.

‘We’re incredibly grateful to Radnor Hills for their support and very excited about the prospect of working alongside them as we continue our aim to provide more care to more people.’

The agreement will see much of the Radnor Hills product range introduced within the Hospice’s retail outlets including the café on site at Bartestree as well as “Coffee and Books” in Leominster and Whitecross Road in Hereford. Similarly Radnor Hills will also have a presence at the Hospice’s portfolio of events taking place throughout the year. Radnor Hills fits the criteria perfectly for the Hospice’s food and drink operation being both a regional brand with a high quality product and a strong commitment to sustainability. 

The team at St Michael’s will also be looking to engage with Radnor Hill’s comprehensive workforce of 170+ employees, the ambition being that staff will feel part of the wider concept being undertaken by their employer and have the chance to contribute towards supporting St Michael’s. 

“We are delighted to have formed a partnership with St Michael’s Hospice and become one of their official corporate partners. St Michael’s has always been close to our hearts here at Radnor Hills having helped several of our employee’s families, we are committed to supporting the invaluable work that they do” William Watkins – Radnor Hills Managing Director

Radnor Hills’ support of St Michael’s Hospice through this Partnership initiative will undoubtedly help raise awareness and vital funds so the Hospice team can continue to do the incredible work that they do. Only 10% of their funding comes from the NHS; the rest is dependent on the generosity and support of the regional community. 

To find out how your business can benefit from an association with St Michael’s Hospice contact Simon Kershaw on 01432 8512603 or

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