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22 April 2024

Showing perennial support: Why Lyonshall Nurseries loves supporting our Plant Fair

Nursery boss saw love for St Michael's grow after witnessing "compassionate" Hospice care

Nursery boss saw love for St Michael’s grow after witnessing “compassionate” Hospice care

Lyonshall Nurseries have backed our Plant Fair for the last five years, and their perennial support for St Michael’s continues to bloom.

The Nurseries boss, Simon Thomas, has a close connection to St Michael’s, and says it means a lot to have his business as the event sponsor.   

“I’ve always supported St Michael’s, ever since witnessing the care they provided my mother-in-law,” he said.

“I didn’t really know much about the Hospice before that, but I was just struck by how compassionate everyone was. I just thought afterwards that if there’s anything I could do to support St Michael’s, then I would. It’s important to me that the Hospice remains in people’s minds.”

The St Michael’s Hospice Plant Fair takes place at St Michael’s in Bartestree from 17-19 May.

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