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23 October 2023

Say 'Hello' to our Dementia and Wellbeing Sister

Say ‘Hello’ to our Dementia and Wellbeing Sister

At St Michael’s, we’re always striving to provide more care and support to more people in our community.

Roughly half our patients come to us with a non-cancer diagnosis.

Increasingly, we’re caring for patients with dementia, and supporting their loved ones.

To help families, we’ve appointed a Dementia and Wellbeing Sister.

Sarah Farnsworth joined St Michael’s three years ago, initially working in our Hospice at Home team, before being appointed to this new position.

“I’m really enjoying the role,” said Sarah.

“The prevalence of dementia means there is likely to be an increasing number of people requiring support in the future, along with family members acting as carers who would benefit from help and advice too.

“Caring for a loved one living with dementia brings many challenges. Supporting carers through the dementia journey, providing information and advice on how to manage changes in the person they care for will be an important part of my new role.”

Patients receiving help through the Dementia and Wellbeing Sister either have dementia as a primary diagnosis, or another palliative condition with dementia as an additional illness.

If you think you would benefit from the help and support offered by our Dementia and Wellbeing Sister, then contact the St Michael’s Hospice Hub for more information on 01432 852080.

We also run a Young Dementia Support Group which is free to attend.
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