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25 October 2019

Racing Pigeons flying high for St Michael's

Racing Pigeons flying high for St Michael’s

A pigeon fancier from Herefordshire has raised £1,285 for his local Hospice through the sale of 24 racing pigeons.
Joe Baker organised the sale of his birds in memory of his wife Maureen who died on 29th August 2019 after being cared for by the St Michael’s Hospice at Home Team.
Joe, who has been keeping pigeons since 1978, sold the birds with help from British Homing World magazine which published his half-page advert free of charge.
The advert brought people from Dorset, Walsall, Herefordshire, East Grinstead, Cottingham and Surrey to buy Joe’s top-class specimens.
Also, wellwishers from Gwent, Warrington and Bristol sent donations totalling £110. Together with collections raised earlier in the year, Joe and his friends and family have raised over £2,100 in memory of Maureen.
Joe said, ‘St Michael’s Hospice cared for Maureen wonderfully. All of the carers and nurses are extraordinarily dedicated people. Maureen had to battle with her illness for almost a year. In spite of the odds, she was able to stay with us longer than anyone expected. This time was a blessing for our family, allowing us to enjoy and make the most of her last weeks and months.’
St Michael’s Hospice Communications Manager Chris Smart said, ‘Joe’s fundraising has touched many of us at St Michael’s Hospice. We want to say a heartfelt thank you to Joe and all those who supported his unique fundraising venture.’

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