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21 December 2021

Potential bogus fundraisers – a statement

Potential bogus fundraisers – a statement

At St Michael’s, we are very fortunate to have a large number of supporters who give up their time to fundraise for their Hospice.

We issue a Letter of Authority to all people who tell us about their fundraising initiatives. This letter can be shown, when asked, to members of the public who may wish to see verification that their efforts are authorised by and in aid of St Michael’s, but St Michael’s does not authorise any door to door collection of donations by its supporters.

Sadly, we’ve been made aware that there might be some unauthorised bogus fundraising taking place under our name in Herefordshire at the moment and this has been reported to the police. If anyone has any suspicions, please call the police non-emergency number 101, quoting 214i21122021.

May we take this opportunity to thank those in the community who support us. 

You all help us provide care to those living with terminal illness at a time they need it most.

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