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Piece of the Puzzle Fundraiser

A friend’s outing to a jigsaw puzzle sale at English Bicknor village hall has put all the pieces in place for a St Michael’s Hospice fundraiser.
Dave Wooles, Jules Barnes and Pat Kirk (pictured l-r) love the challenge of completing a jigsaw and after seeing how many puzzles were being sold, decided their My35 challenge for St Michael’s would be to organise their own sale of guaranteed no-missing-pieces jigsaws.
Pat, who believes jigsaws are a great way to keep your brain active, said, ‘There’s nothing worse than spending hours doing a jigsaw only to discover that a piece is missing. So we decided to ask people to donate jigsaws which we will then provide the quality control on by completing them to check all the pieces are in place, helping raise the maximum amount of money for St Michael’s.’
The friends have been blown away by the generosity of people who have been donating their pre-loved jigsaws. ‘We have already smashed our target of completing 35 jigsaws,’ said Jules. ‘We now have over 180 puzzles that we will be able to sell with the guarantee that new owners will not be left with a hole they can’t fill.’
To coincide with St Michael’s 35th anniversary in October, the puzzle solvers will be organising their own Jigsaw sale and hope to raise around £1,000 for St Michael’s.
St Michael’s Hospice Communication Manager Chris Smart said, ‘Over the years, Jules has raised thousands for St Michael’s Hospice with her party fundraisers and everyone at the Hospice is grateful for her continuing support. We are looking forward to joining Jules, Pat and Dave for their jigsaw sale later in the year and wish them every success.’
Anyone interested in donating jigsaws to help with the fundraiser can contact Jules on 07919 247 248.

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