St Michael's Hospice


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St Michael's Hospice has retail outlets across Herefordshire and the surrounding areas

      Our stores

      shop Hereford – Folly Laneretail outlets 258 1100x620
      shop Hay on Wye 282 1100x620
      shop hereford holme lacy retail 295 1100x620
      shop Hereford – Eign Gate retail 281 1100x620
      shop hereford holmerroad retail 271 1100x620
      shop hereford whitecross Focus on retail Whitecross Road 1120x620
      leominster victoriastreet retail 294 1100x620
      shop leominster retail 292 1100x620
      malvern 1100x620 1
      shop Hay on Wye 283 1100x620
      ross gloucester road 1100x620 1
      ledbury 1100x620 1
      shop ross home and living 260 1100x620
      shop Kington shop 285 1100x620
      shop Coffee and Books
      shop Hereford Coffee Books
      shop st owens street 259 1100x620