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2 November 2021

Our patients are on top of the world

Our patients are on top of the world

IPU, Day Services and physio outpatients have jointly taken part in a virtual climb, all thanks to the help of our Physio team.

Starting in January, patients climbed steps or staircases to reach the equivalent height of various global landmarks.

In the last few days, they have reached 58,070 steps – or the summit of Mount Everest.‘Stair climbing and step-ups is such a good exercise,’ said Specialist Physiotherapist, Lucie Davies. ‘It is functional, good for lower limb strengthening and maintenance, helps with co-ordination, and is good for the cardio-vascular system.’

On their way to Everest, patients reached a series of landmarks, including Big Ben (632 steps), the Empire State building (1,860) and Mount Kilimanjaro (38,680). The challenge was particularly significant for some of our patients as it evoked memories amongst those who had visited the landmark.

It follows a similar challenge last year which saw our inpatients climb the equivalent height of Britain’s three highest peaks, and ‘virtually’ cycle the British coastline.

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