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21 September 2021

Matt races to the RUN podium again

Matt races to the RUN podium again

Hospice supporter Matt Brunnock, 16, is fast becoming the star of RUN Hereford after racing to 1st place in the 10K on Sunday in his first ever 10K event.

Matt also took to the podium back in 2019 in 1st place for the 5K aged just 13.

Matt’s Mum Lisa said ‘Matt normally runs the 800 metres. This was his first ever 10K and as it is the end of his track season, no training was done for the race. Hence, my shock at him winning, it was very much a “told you so Mum” at the end of the race’.

Matt’s Dad died of cancer just 5 weeks ago so he was running in his memory.

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