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17 October 2023

Lynne welcomes a very special visitor

Lynne welcomes a very special visitor

Lynne, who is staying with us at the moment, received a very special visitor.

Dinky, her beloved donkey who now lives elsewhere, was brought to her bedside to say hello.

“Dinky was my Christmas present to Lynne 20 years ago, so he means a lot to her,” said Lynne’s husband, Brian.

“It was the first time they’d seen each other in about 18 months, and was such a special moment. You could see Dinky knew it was Lynne.”

Dinky was joined by Robbie, a 51-year-old pony, who also enjoyed his time with Lynne, and meeting staff here.

Dinky and Robbie were brought to St Michael’s by Lynne and Brian’s friends, Joy and Tim, who now look after Dinky.

“I’m so glad we were able to make this happen,” added Brian.

“The care we’ve received here at St Michael’s has been absolutely amazing.”

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