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25 November 2021

"Thanks to St Michael's, I feel my prayers have been answered"

“Thanks to St Michael’s, I feel my prayers have been answered”

A woman who was desperate for help during lockdown says receiving support from St Michael’s has been the answer to her prayers.

Sue Vaughan has spent time in the Inpatient Unit and now benefits from Day Services.

During lockdown, she and husband Allan despaired over her worsening health, and didn’t know what to do for the best.

But a visit from a St Michael’s Hospice Doctor was enough to improve their situation.

“Things changed from the moment Dr Cath Blinman from St Michael’s Hospice knocked on our door,” said Sue.

“She spent an hour and a half with us, explaining how St Michael’s might be able to assist.

“At the end, she offered me a fortnight’s stay at the Hospice.

“I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought a Hospice was a place where you entered and didn’t leave.

“So, we thought about it, and I decided to accept, but I was scared. I didn’t think I was coming home again.”
Sue says that after a few days, she began to see that the Hospice wasn’t terrifying at all.

“I just felt safe there. The staff are excellent. They explained everything they were doing in a calm, relaxed way, and allowed us to have input into the care package. We were kept in the loop constantly.”

Sue returned home and now benefits from St Michael’s in another way through weekly visits to our Day Services team.

“I have Extrinsic Alveolitis, which is a chronic lung condition,” added Sue.

“Because of this, I have to carry oxygen around everywhere, which does knock my confidence.

“But coming to Day Services at St Michael’s each week has been a real blessing. I look forward to it and it’s restored my confidence.

“I really feel as though my faith has helped me a huge amount. I’ve been praying for help for two years, and thanks to St Michael’s, I feel my prayers have been answered.”

Caption: Sue and Allan Vaughan

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