Published Thursday 17th June 2021

When Geraldine Caton suggested her husband, David, joined her in the playing the St Michael’s Hospice Lottery, the pair didn’t think he would see an immediate return on his investment. But in his first month of playing, David was one of almost 100 Hospice supporters in winning a cash prize – in his case £10.

Geraldine, who joined St Michael’s as a volunteer a few years ago, has been playing the Lottery for four years and has won £10 on three occasions. ‘I suggested he join me in playing the Hospice Lottery, but I didn’t expect him to win a prize so soon,’ said Geraldine. ‘Hopefully his good fortune will rub off on me.’

The Hospice Lottery celebrates its 21st birthday this month. Each year it contributes around £380,000 to patient care. 

‘Having volunteered at St Michael’s, I know the incredible work carried out by the Hospice,’ added Geraldine. ‘It’s thanks to those who support St Michael’s, through the Lottery and other fundraising streams, that the Hospice is able to continue providing its services free of charge to patients and their loved ones throughout our community.’

To join Geraldine and David in playing the St Michael’s Hospice Lottery, just click here