Mindfulness at St Michael's Hospice in partnership with Breathworks

In partnership with Breathworks, St Michael’s Hospice runs Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses throughout the year (details of the courses can be found below). Mindfulness services are available for patients, their family and carers, and the wider community.

To help with the quality of your life, a Hospice Mindfulness practitioner can guide you to relate more helpfully with your thoughts and health problems, which can bring about changes in mood, increasing levels of happiness and well-being.

With a mindfulness approach, you can learn helpful ways to cope with the difficulties, pressures and circumstances within your daily life.

Mindfulness can bring a sense of stability, calmness and pleasure. It can also help you to make clearer decisions, leading to better outcomes for your present circumstances.

St Michael’s Hospice can offer one to one meetings, taster sessions, regular drop-ins and a programme of Mindfulness courses.

Mindfulness course dates (full details can be downloaded at the foot of this page)

Mindfulness for Health 2020 – on five alternate Sundays. Dates are: 5th January (1.15-5.30pm), 19th January (1.15-5.30pm), 2nd February (1.15-5.30pm), 16th February (11am-5.30pm, 23rd February (2-4pm).

Mindfulness for Stress 2020 – on five alternate Sundays. Dates are: 8th March, 22nd March, 5th April (all 1.15-5.30pm) and 19th April (11am-5.30pm) and 26th April (2-4pm).

Drop-in sessions are held at St Michael’s on the final Monday of each month (excluding December and Bank Holiday Monday’s) from 2.30pm – 3.30pm.

Dates for 2019:

April:  Monday 29th in Day Hospice Rooms

May:  TUESDAY 28th [as previous day is Bank Holiday) on Monday] in Education Department, Swan Room

June: Monday 24th in Day Hospice Rooms

July: Monday 29th in Day Hospice Rooms

August: TUESDAY 27th in Day Hospice Rooms

September: Monday 30th in Day Hospice Rooms

October: Monday 28th in Day Hospice Rooms

November: Monday 18th in Swan (Education Dept)

December:  Monday 16th in Swan (Education Dept)

Quarterly Mindfulness All Day Practices:


Saturday 25th January, 2020 (9.45am-4.30pm)

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Mindfulness testimonials:

Catherine Rees (Mindfulness for Stress)

‘From my point of view, one of the key things was the affordability of the course.

‘I would definitely recommend it to others.

‘I’ve attended Mindfulness classes before but this was my first experience of Breathworks.

‘It really focuses on the techniques that can help reduce stress, and doing it at the Hospice made it accessible. I subsequently found that it really helped with my anxiety.’

Helen Lee (Mindfulness for Health) –

‘I was drawn to Breathworks because of its emphasis on living positively with health challenges and the accompanying stresses.

‘The course did not disappoint.

‘I enjoy practising mindfulness every day, whether it’s listening to birdsong on a walk with my dog or chopping vegetables to make soup.

‘Gail is a nurturing tutor who created a positive environment for learning: there was no pressure, just acceptance and support. ‘Mindfulness has become a way of living.’

Please contact Gail Calthrop for any questions and enquiries about the Mindfulness service. Gail is happy to talk to patients, family members, carers, health professionals and the local community about St Michael’s Hospice Mindfulness service. mindfulness@smhospicehereford.org 01432 851000 Ext 2647