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7 October 2020

Hospice Care Week | From behind the mask

Hospice Care Week | From behind the mask

Throughout Hospice week, we have been asking people at St Michael’s for a quote about their experience of caring during a pandemic. You can read what they say below.

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Behind the mask

Kate harding

Kate Harding
Medical Officer, St Michael’s Hospice
Throughout the pandemic, my team has continued to care for patients, and despite all the extra stress involved, our job continues to be hugely rewarding and worthwhile. I feel lucky to work here.’

Kate Dyke

Katy Dyke
Health Care Assistant
‘Knowing that the nation gathered together on a Thursday at 8pm gave us all the motivation to continue doing all we could for the people who needed our care.’

Rosemary and M

Rosemary Davis
‘During Hospice Care Week, our Day Services Team have been inviting carers back into the building for the first time since March. One of the carers, Rosemary Davis supported by St Michael’s said, ‘Caring for my husband during lockdown has been very hard and lonely. The one thing that helped had been regular contact with St Michaels care team and being able to meet outside the building. It’s lovely being back inside at St Michael’s and meeting with other cares having someone to talk to too and with support from the staff is a breath of fresh air – I can’t thank the Hospice enough’.

Heather Beaumount

Heather Beaumont-Russell
Social Worker
‘Spending time with colleagues and other members of the team has allowed us all to share the workload and be there to support each other during difficult times. 
I really wanted to carry on caring for all the patients and families living with terminal illness during the pandemic.”

Kate S

Kate Stainsby
Specialist Occupational Therapist
‘Starting a new job just before the beginning of lockdown meant finding my feet in my new role was quite challenging. But the humour and camaraderie of my Hospice Therapy Team lifted my spirits enormously. Thanks to all my colleagues, it has been a real privilege to care for the local community during the intensity of COVID 19.’

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