This service offers patients care, free of charge, in the place where they live and is coordinated at St Michael’s Hospice.

This service is delivered by a team of trained nurses and co-ordinators, working collaboratively with other care providers. The service brings together the expertise needed to provide tailor-made care to support patients, their families and carers. 

Patients can receive treatment at home or in a nursing home. Our team can work with nursing home staff to support a resident’s care. 

Our nursing team will support patients so they don’t need to go into hospital unnecessarily in the last months of their lives. They also enable patients to leave hospital sooner and receive care at home. Our team will also support patients who are eligible for CHC Fast Track. 

Working together, we can help support patients living with any terminal illness, as well as supporting their families and carers. 

Nursing care and support in the place where people live 

Herefordshire Hospice at Home is provided by a team of registered 

nurses and healthcare assistants who are skilled in caring for people 

living with a terminal illness. We can discuss referrals on an individual 

basis and provide 24 hour a day advice and support for healthcare 

professionals (including ambulance staff and out-of-hours GPs). 

Patients will continue to be looked after by their GP or District Nurse. 

The Herefordshire Hospice at Home service will share patient information 

with relevant care providers. 

Herefordshire Hospice at Home will help your patients with their day-to-day needs by offering: 

• support for patients aged 18-years old and over (support for 16 and 17-year-old patients following individual discussion) 

• nursing care to manage symptoms such as pain or breathlessness and to help patients be as comfortable as possible in the place they are living 

• practical advice and emotional support for patients, their family and carers 

• a wide range of additional hospice services provided by trained staff and volunteers 

24-hour-a-day nursing care and 


Our team is supported by a St Michael’s Hospice consultant in palliative 

medicine. The team also works with GPs and the GP out-of-hours service. 

Once your patient has been referred to our service, they and the people caring for them can contact our team at any hour of the day for advice and support. Patients who aren’t referred to our service, or their carers, can still contact us for information about how we can help. 

24 hours/7 days a week 

The patient: 

• is registered with a GP in Herefordshire 

• is aged18 years or over 

• has a terminal diagnosis with end of life care needs 

You may refer patients in need of support after discharge from a hospital 

or hospice if they meet our referral criteria above. 

Our senior nurses will work closely with you and other professionals involved in the patient’s care. This ensures your patient has the nursing care and support they need while being looked after at home. We will be flexible and responsive by processing and planning a patient’s care based on their need. Our team of registered nurses and healthcare assistants will be available to provide patient care during the day, evening and overnight. 

We regularly review the level of care patients are receiving from us to ensure our service continues to be the most appropriate for them and meets their care requirements. If we need to discharge your patient from our service, we’ll discuss it with you and any other healthcare professionals who are involved beforehand.