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2 February 2021

Hospice at Home @ 5 – Sharon's story

Hospice at Home @ 5 – Sharon’s story

Sharon Kidson’s mum, Mary Niccolls, was 85 when failing kidneys prompted a call to St Michael’s.

The person who knocked at the door was Hospice at Home nurse Lisa Makin.

‘Lisa arrived within just half an hour,’ said Sharon.

‘I hadn’t even considered the Hospice beforehand as it was my understanding it was just for those terminally ill from cancer.’

She says Lisa’s calm manner proved a timely relief, both for her mum and the rest of her family.

‘We were never made to feel that we were an imposition. ‘She was just marvellous. I was so impressed that even though Mum barely seemed aware of anything going on around her, Lisa spoke to her, included her in the conversation, holding her hand all the while and asking her what she wanted even though Mum could only nod weakly in reply.

‘There was no sense that she had a more important place to be.’

Mary was taken into St Michael’s the following morning, and died at the Hospice.

‘As a family, we’re indebted to the great number of people in our community who support St Michael’s,’ said Sharon. 

‘Like many others before us, and many others to come, we can’t say thank you enough.

‘I knew so little about the Hospice before that phone call.

‘It was possibly the most important call my family has ever made.’

If you are living with a terminal illness or caring for someone who is, St Michael’s Hospice’s free advice and support line is available to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 01432 852 080 to speak confidentially to members of our clinical team. 

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