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6 November 2020

Hellens Garden Festival goes online to support St Michael's

Hellens Garden Festival goes online to support St Michael’s

For the past 14 years, Hellens Garden Festival has inspired thousands of people to celebrate the natural world while also raising over £50,000 for St Michael’s Hospice.

This year’s reimagined Festival continued to raise awareness of environmental and ecological issues with an online and jam-packed program of engaging talks, forums, workshops and films.The Hellens Team also continued its commitment to fundraising.

Donations to their month-long Sculpture Trail, sponsor support and sculpture commissions has delighted everyone at St Michael’s Hospice with a donation of £6,700. That’s enough money to fund a nursing post for two months to care for patients on our inpatient ward.

With the virtual events still available to enjoy at, the Hellens Team are already planning for next year’s Festival, which they hope will take place on June 12-13th.

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