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Free Wills Month

There’s no sense in putting it off, now is the time to get your Will created for free.

Free Wills Month brings together a group of well-respected charities to offer members of the public the opportunity to have their simple Wills written or updated free of charge by using participating solicitors in selected locations across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. St Michael’s Hospice are proud to be able to offer all people access to a free Will. The process is quick and easy and will give you and your family peace of mind. 

We have partnered with Bequeathed to offer this essential service. They are experts in Will writing and will guide you through the entire process.

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An up to date Will written by a solicitor ensures your wishes are respected. It also avoids difficult decisions and legal complications for your loved ones. Free Wills Month allows you to provide for family and friends and leave a gift to your chosen charities too. 

A gift in your Will costs you nothing now but can make a difference for years to come.
Here at St Michael’s Hospice, we would love it if you would consider leaving a gift to us. Every year, we need to raise £4.6m in order to continue delivering outstanding end of life care to those who need it most. 

The process explained: 

1. Complete our online interview 

The questions we ask help you gather all the information required to make your will quickly. It takes around 20 minutes and our team is online to help. 

2. Get advice from an accredited firm 

When you’ve completed the interview, we arrange a 30 minute appointment with a legal firm. Choose phone or video call, your home or their office. 

3. Sign and witness your will 

After your appointment, the legal firm sends you your free Will For Good. Just sign it in front of witnesses and return to the firm for free secure storage. 

Legal advice throughout the process 

Our accredited legal firms donate up to 30 minutes of their expertise to help you make your free Will. For most people, that will be all they need. 

If you have complex family circumstances, multiple properties, business assets or foreign property, you will need to pay for additional advice. Where that is the case, the firm will provide you with a quote. It’s up to you whether to accept. 

Writing a Will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones.

It was a very stress free and user friendly process to follow and I felt confident I would be supporting the charities which mean a lot to me

Marc, Beaumaris

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