Published Monday 29th October 2018

Elizabeth Locke retired due to ill health from Hereford Cathedral School in 2016, having taught Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics there for 18 years.

In the past week, in a fitting coincidence, while walking in the Hospice garden, Elizabeth came across a special decorative rock designed by Hereford Cathedral Junior School pupils in memory of those at the school who died in battle during the First World War.

Elizabeth, along with her husband, Simon, both have relatives who lost their lives in the conflict, inspiring them to visit Ypres in Belgium earlier this summer, the site of countless battlefields during the War.

‘I think it’s quite fitting that Elizabeth found this item, particularly given our trip this summer,’ said Simon. ‘Elizabeth being poorly has meant that we have thought quite closely about our family connections to the War and visiting Ypres was a very moving experience for both of us.’
The rock, devoted to ‘Trooper Stedman’, is one of 435 which have been personally decorated by the Cathedral School pupils, each bearing the name of one of the fallen pupils.

Those who find the rocks, which have been left at various locations in the county and beyond, are being encouraged to return them to the school and post photos of the find on social media using the hashtag #BringOurOHBoysHome

For Elizabeth, the experience was another pleasant surprise since arriving at St Michael’s.
‘I had no idea just how wonderful the care is,’ she said. ‘We feel very privileged to be here. It’s a place where we’ve found real joy. The staff are remarkable. They have become our friends.’

Caption: Elizabeth Locke with her husband Simon and the rock she found at St Michael’s Hospice