Training together as a team on site, either for the whole of or part of a day, even in a lunch hour, after work or on a weekend, can be a rich experience. For some it is also the only practical or logistical solution.

You do not need any special facilities if you are considering out-reach training, we can bring all the equipment we need to conduct the training session. You simply have to have enough room for everyone to sit down and, ideally, a blank wall to use with a projector.

We are very happy to develop tailor-made packages to suit the needs of your team on any aspect relevant to palliative care. Fees for tailor made events are negotiated at the time of booking. Please contact a member of the Education Team at the Hospice to discuss.

Below are some examples of bespoke packages:

  • Target Audience: Primary Health Care Team Workers, GPs, Community Nurses, Health Visitors, Social Workers, Physiotherapists, etc.
  • Content: Provides knowledge and enhances skills in all areas of palliative care. Agenda negotiable
  • Target Audience: Nursing Staff working in the Community Hospital/Nursing Home setting.
  • Content: This learning package provides an opportunity to explore various aspects of caring for individuals facing a life threatening illness

Target Audience: Care Assistants
Content: Aimed at Care Assistants working in any setting where dying persons are cared for. This 6 hour learning package can be delivered for groups up to 15 from up to 3 organisations.

Target Audience: Professionals and Assistants
Content: Aimed at all staff who may be involved in support of students or colleagues in distress

  • Target Audience: GPs, District Nurses, Community Hospital Staff

The idea of forward planning for end of life care is firmly embedded within the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and the End of Life Care Strategy (DOH 2008). Initiating and conducting conversations with individuals and families is complex and delicate, however such interactions have the potential to guide the care provision and quality of living and dying. This workshop provides a review of the relevant legislation and explores ways of undertaking and documenting advance care planning and helping to ensure Preferred Priorities of Care are known.

  • Content: Advanced Directives; Resuscitation Orders; Preferred Place of Care
  • Timeframe: 2 hours