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20 November 2020

Carola: My husband's the reason I support St Michael's

Carola: My husband’s the reason I support St Michael’s

Carola Kean is just over a week away from delivering an online masterclass showing us the art of festive wreath-making.

The course comes 17 years to the week since St Michael’s cared for her husband, Bob, a serving police officer in Herefordshire.

‘Bob died at the Hospice in the first week of December so it’s always been a time of the year when I think of St Michael’s,’ she said.

‘Bob’s the reason I have such a close connection with the place, and why I’ve been so keen to fundraise for the Hospice over the years.’

Carola, who played such a pivotal role in helping organise the Hospice’s flower festival at Lyde Arundel last September, is holding the wreath-making workshop via Zoom on Tuesday, 1st December at 2pm.

Entry price includes your wreath ring and basic sundry items including ribbon. 

To book, click here

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