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Butterfly spotting at St Michael’s

Summer at St Michael’s means we’re treated to an abundance of wildlife visiting our gardens and grounds.

Among them, a wide variety of butterflies enjoy taking advantage of nectar from our plants and flowers.

This week, a number of patients have been recording the butterflies they’ve spotted as part of the national Big Butterfly Count.

‘We’re so lucky here at St Michael’s Hospice to have access to such an array of flora and fauna so I’ve been encouraging patients to come outside and enjoy it by participating in butterfly spotting,’ said Occupational Therapist, Kate Stainsby.

The Big Butterfly Count helps assess the health of our environment and involves spending 15 minutes in a sunny spot recording all the species observed on a photo identification sheet. 

Getting outside in the grounds of St Michael’s to look for these beautiful insects has formed part of individual therapy sessions and the feedback has been really positive.’

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