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Hi, I’m Lucinda Bear!

I love to grow plants and think Benny would love some house plants for his teddy bear party.
Do you like plants too?
Lucinda Bear - Teddy Trail

How many candles are on my cake?

You must be good at counting by now? Can you help me?

Let’s do it together.

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7…

Wow, you’re great at counting! I’ve got seven candles on my cake.

How many candles do you think you’ll have counted by the end of the trail?

Meet Benny Bear

Benny will be appearing at The Coffee Cart, Old Market (Kiosk 3, Garrick Lane, Hereford):

Wednesday 24th July – 11am to 1pm
Friday 26th July – 11am to 1pm
Wednesday 31st July – 11am to 1pm
Friday 2nd August – 11am to 1pm

He will be available for photos for the first 45 minutes of every hour.

Benny Bear at Lov Leaf

Help Benny and his friends continue to provide comfort

You can bring comfort to the young relatives of our patients by donating £5 to gift one of Benny’s friends to a child in need.

A bear-y BIG thank you to our sponsors The Coffee Cart Co.

James and Sarah created the Coffee Cart Co from pure passion in 1999, wanting to offer customers something unique in Hereford that no one else provided. We currently have three locations, providing drinks, food, and a destination that our clients enjoy and feel comfortable in…