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3 December 2020

Exploring the gardens and grounds of St Michael's

Exploring the gardens and grounds of St Michael’s

The gardens and grounds of St Michael’s Hospice are alive with wildlife and wonder all year round.

To make the most of this beauty, our Occupational Therapist Kate Stainsby (pictured with Sue, who has been taking part in the project) has been encouraging staff and those staying with us to make the most of what’s around them, helping lift mood and in turn have a positive impact on wellbeing. 

Called St Michael’s Hospice ‘Autumnwatch’, it has been a popular addition with identification sheets provided for patients to spot birds and other visitors, while bird feeders have been fixed to the windows of each room and a giant display outlining the project placed on the Inpatient ward.

The board features autumnal photos taken by patients during their stay at St Michael’s, alongside seasonal poems and prayers.

‘Despite heading into winter, there’s still so much to see on our doorstep,’ said Kate. 

‘A kingfisher paid us a visit the other day. Some of the patients were disappointed to have missed it, so we’ve put a wildlife camera in place to hopefully catch another glimpse.

‘We plan to continue this idea through the calendar year as the look of our grounds – and the visitors who call it home – change with the seasons.’ 

The findings will also help contribute to national data showing how UK wildlife is responding to climate change.

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