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1 March 2024

Almost 100 Student Paramedics learn about palliative care at St Michael's

The Student Paramedics cover patches across the West Midlands

Almost 100 student paramedics covering patches across the West Midlands have spent a day at St Michael’s

The students spent time with our specialist Education team learning more about appropriate care for palliative and end-of-life patients.

The students are studying for a BSC Honours in Paramedic Science with the University of Worcester.

“The students have experienced an increasing number of calls to patients who are end of life. It’s a big section of our work,” said Mark Gillett, the Course Lead.

“This training at St Michael’s has been all about helping them gain insight and confidence when responding to these calls, keeping in mind that the broad aim at all times is patient outcome. This includes weighing up whether it is appropriate to convey to hospital or not.

“We can’t express our thanks to St Michael’s enough. The students have learnt so much, and we’re so grateful.”

Debbie Smithers, the Hospice’s Lead Teacher/Practitioner, said the visit highlights the breadth of clinical professionals receiving the Hospice’s expert palliative care knowledge.

“As well as providing teaching to help our own staff develop their careers, we also support the wider community by helping care providers such as nursing homes and residential homes, to provide good end-of-life care for the people they’re working with,” she said.

“It was great to welcome the student paramedics. Their enthusiasm and desire to learn more about palliative and end-of-life care was refreshing, and we’re so glad they found it useful.”

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