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30 October 2020

A quarter of a million reasons to say thank you

A quarter of a million reasons to say thank you

Mel Lane

The owner of a Herefordshire dress agency which has donated more than a quarter of a million items to St Michael’s Hospice says it’s been a privilege to help the charity over the years.

Melanie Lane’s Connections in Ledbury has closed its doors for the final time, thanks largely to uncertainty surrounding COVID.

For the last 27 years, clothing which hadn’t sold within eight weeks of being handed to the shop, on Homend Walk, would be given to St Michael’s to sell in its retail outlets across Herefordshire and beyond.

‘Ever since I took over the shop we’ve supported St Michael’s,’ said Melanie.

‘The items were always of a high standard but if we didn’t sell them our customers allowed us to donate them. My customers would always be very happy though knowing the items would be donated to St Michael’s if they weren’t sold here.’

Over the years, Melanie estimates that around 1,000 items a month were given to St Michael’s, meaning that since Connections began donating, around 320,000 items have been received by the Hospice.

‘I’m very proud to have supported the Hospice during this time,’ she added.

‘Everyone knows someone who has been touched by St Michael’s.

‘I’d like to thank everyone who supported Connections. It was a privilege knowing you all.’

The Hospice’s Head of Retail, Nicola Wood, said Mel’s continued support for St Michael’s has been astounding.

‘We can’t thank Melanie and her customers enough,’ said Nicola.

‘Her donations over such a long period of time have not only helped provide stock for our shops, but in turn will have helped raise valuable funds for those in our community at a time when they needed it most.’

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