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A purrfect visit…

While staying with us at St Michael’s, Gareth has missed his adorable cat Tesla very much.

So when Gareth’s wife, Sally Pointer, surprised him with a visit from his four-legged friend, he was over the moon.

‘Gareth and Tesla are very fond of each other and whenever Gareth has been in hospital, Tesla and he have really missed each other,’ said Sally.

‘When he went into St Michael’s, we wanted to cheer him up so arranged with the staff for a special visit.’

Tesla, named after Gareth’s favourite 19th Century scientist, even wore a new harness and lead for the occasion, just in case he decided to go exploring.

‘We needn’t have worried though.

‘He sat very calmly in his box whilst I had my Covid test, then once in Gareth’s room he came out for a proper visit.’

Tesla very quickly decided that he approved of our extra comfy chairs, as this photo demonstrates.

‘We are so grateful that the amazing care at St Michael’s extends to unusual visits like this, which really cheered Gareth up,’ added Sally.

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