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10 May 2024

40th Anniversary Raffle

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Matthew’s story: St Michael’s saved my family

St Michael’s Hospice saved my family.

I don’t say this to make you read on. I say it because it’s the truth.
Across Herefordshire and beyond, people will have their own tale of exceptional care provided by St Michael’s. You may have your own.

I’ll always remember my father, Joseph, first arriving at St Michael’s. He had been receiving cancer treatment elsewhere, and had battled pneumonia and Covid. It didn’t take long for me, my brother and my aunties to experience the profound impact the Hospice’s doctors, nurses, Healthcare Assistants and volunteers have. Care, dedication, love and support emanate from every corner of St Michael’s. 

From the moment he was admitted, to his regular Day Hospice visits; the seamless transition back into the community, and then his return to the Inpatient Unit; every experience has surpassed my expectations.Dad loved strolling through the garden at St Michael’s, relishing its serenity and beauty. He enjoyed spending frequent Wednesdays in Day Services where laughter would reverberate from the walls. He found solace and inner peace during mindfulness sessions with Gail Calthrop, and he got so much out of compassionate conversations with Senior Nurse Jo and her team. Some of these chats were difficult, some happy, but they are all etched in my memory as priceless treasures.

At St Michael’s, it is up to us to raise the majority of our annual care costs.

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The mere thought of navigating this journey without the unparalleled care provided by St Michael’s is something I cannot bear to contemplate.

I will be eternally grateful.

Matthew Scholes

Joseph died just a few days after this letter was written. His family were at his bedside at St Michael’s.

The care Joseph received, and the support his family experienced, and continues to experience, was only possible thanks to your support.

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