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24 hours of gruelling Grappling

Members of Hereford’s Combat Academy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA teams have completed a gruelling 24-hour ‘Grapplethon’ to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice.

The Grapplethon required that at least one pair were grappling (sparring) throughout the 24-hours. Many students from the academy took part with a hardcore few completing the whole 24-hours.

Three students from Three Points Martial Arts Academy in Worcester also traveled over to support the event.

A bbq in the afternoon, pizzas in the evening and a recently installed coffee machine at the club kept the students fuelled (and awake) throughout the 24-hours.

Online donations currently stand at an amazing £1,025. They also have at least £500 in sponsorship and a good amount in the collection tins to add to the grand total which they are hoping is in the region of £1,500 – £2,000.

The online donation page will remain open until this weekend, the collection tins will also be available at the club.

Please click here to sponsor them.

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