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11 July 2024

Visiting the Hospice during road closures

Between 22nd July and 20th August, there will be road closures which may affect your visit

If you are planning to visit St Michael’s Hospice from 22nd July, we need to make you aware of some planned road closures.

From 22nd July to 20th August, there will be a full road closure on the A438 between Dormington and the stretch of road just before the turn to St Michael’s (on the Ledbury side of Bartestree) at Five Bridges. The road is being excavated by Balfour Beatty in order to strengthen the bridge in a saddling scheme.

The road will be closed 24 hours a day and vehicular access through the closure will not be possible. Unfortunately, this will mean that if you are travelling on the A438 from Ledbury and the surrounding areas, you will need to follow a diversion to reach the Hospice.

If you are visiting St Michael’s Hospice from Hereford, your journey should be unaffected.

If you are visiting St Michael’s Hospice from Ledbury and the surrounding areas, you would be best to follow this route:

  • At the Trumpet Crossroads, take the A417 towards Ashperton. Continue on this road for 4.2 miles
  • At the crossroads (with the Texaco Garage ahead of you) turn left onto the A4103 towards Hereford. Continue on this road for 3.9 miles
  • Turn left following signs to Whitestone Business Park
  • Passing the St Michael’s Hospice charity shop and cafe on your left, continue on this road for 1 mile until you meet the T-junction.
  • Turn left onto the A438 and follow until you see signs for St Michael’s Hospice.

For the latest updates and route diversion from Balfour Beatty, click here and enter ‘Bartestree’ in the search bar.

If you need any support in visiting us, please do give our friendly Reception team a call who will do their very best to help you: 01432 851000

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