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3 August 2021

Giraffe takes up new home at the Hospice

Giraffe takes up new home at the Hospice

When Susan Badham (Sue) died at St Michael’s Hospice in February this year, her family decided there and then that they wanted to show their gratitude and support to the wonderful Hospice where Sue spent her last few weeks.

Sue, was a Buddhist and very spiritual and died on the Tibetan New Year, a meaningful date in the Buddhist calendar. 

The nurses loved going into Sue’s room where she would burn incense and display spiritual items and in turn Sue loved the view of the gardens and the beautiful space she was in.

As well as collecting donations to St Michael’s at their Mum’s funeral, Sue’s children chose to donate a giraffe sculpture that she was given as a gift for her 70th birthday to display in the gardens at St Michael’s Hospice for others to enjoy.

Two of Sue’s four children, Sammi Badham and Lucy Teear are pictured alongside Simon Kershaw, of the St Michael’s Fundraising team delivering the as-yet unnamed giraffe to his (or her) new home.

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